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My Person

About Me


I am a very studious, inquisitive researcher of nature and try to learn from the people around
me. A few of my most important talents would be to maintain calm during stressful situations, to keep the overview about the situation, and to find quick logical solution(s) for any kind of problem.


Furthermore, I'm very comfortable working with any upper management / hierarchy to help define the  characteristics of my work-style which will assist me to improve my systematics, integrity, and most important to me to communicate.


What motivates me


I enjoy facing challenges, and I always maintain a full attempt to accomplish any given task at hand. Thereby, I like the feeling of a completed task with self-satisfaction. I also have a strong will, an impeccable team spirit and great communication skills with the mindset that anything is possible and can be accomplished with the right amount of effort applied.


My kind of working


Whether in discussions or working with a team, I consider what other parties may inject to better accomplish our common interests. In my opinion, it is always best to have more than one perspective in any given task, as it contributes as well as creates balance.


Leisure time activities


I am a professional dive instructor (SSI International, # DMI 13068), and I qualify to teach almost all SSI Specialty courses. I have had the chance to take my instructor skills to make it a part-time or even full time business which has given me the chance to experience various dive bases in Germany, for example Kuehlungsborn / Baltic Sea 1998, or Rostock / Baltic Sea 2000-2010, and in the abroad e.g. on La Palma, Canary Islands 1998/99, and on Mallorca Island / Spain, Mediterranean summer/fall 2008.